wood working, fine furniture, boats, fishing nets, turnings


“I live and work in Alpine Oregon and prefer to use local woods from small sawyers, as close to home as possible. Metals often find their way into many of my projects to accent and contrast the wood. I enjoy the use of traditional hand tools to shape and smooth wood, yet many of my pieces take on a contemporary aesthetic.”

– Seamus J. Walsh


Fine Furniture I design and build custom furniture to your specifications. Taught by Norman Peterson, a master furniture builder in San Francisco, I prefer to work in solid woods on some projects, but some projects (such as “built ins”) require the use of sheet goods. Either way, I have access to many interesting and unique varieties and cuts of wood.

Boat Works I apprenticed at the Arques School of boat building from 1997-98. At Arques, we built traditionally designed and built wooden boats. After leaving the school, I primarily worked on wooden rowing shells. I am available for both new construction and repair/refinish work and have the shop space to accommodate boats to 30′ in length.